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In February 2006  a group of Care Recipients was invited by the Department of Human Services - DHS - to trial and consult on a new Direct Payments Care Delivery approach. This important and long overdue addition to the range of choices in care delivery is soon to be available to all Disabled Persons in Victoria.   

During the trial  it became obvious that advanced technology support is needed to manage  Self Directed Care Programs effectively and so in May of 2007 the Web2Care Project was born.  Today,  a range of very  helpful tools has been developed and is available to Community Members.

Web2Care Objectives

Initially we had planned to create only the usual simple website providing relevant & important information to our Community Members.

We looked for Low Cost, Internet Based Open Source website creation tools that allowed us to build the initial site without needing to ask for help from Web Designers or Programmers.

Working on this task we started to observe an "internet revolution" in the making. Each month more Web2 applications were released and plans to develop more than just a website emerged. Soon the list of applications needed to build a fully featured Communication Platform was complete. In fact there were now to many applications on offer and a process of  finding "the best of breed" had to be initiated.

It was at this time that a decision to focus on the Google Web Apps Development was made. The rest is really  history as every single expectation has been exceeded. NewWeb2  technology components are being released at an unprecedented rate and this opens up opportunities to our service sector which we never could have hoped for just a few years earlier. Everything is now very different, very affordable, very inviting to become creative and indeed very exciting.

Priority has been allocated to ......

  • developing the "ICARE" Platform,  a Low Cost,  Highly Advanc ed, Internet Technology Based  Management Support Tool.
  • as part of the "ICARE" Platform develop "Admin2Care", a user friendly Tool to assist in Rostering, Invoicing  and  Payroll  Administration.
  • as part of the "ICARE"  Platform develop "Match2Care", an effective Tool to assist in the process of  introducing  Support Workers to Care Recipients
  • as part of the "ICARE"  Platform develop "Account2Care", a fully featured Accounting/ERP/CRM System to keep in control of your Care Program as well as of your Private & Business Affairs.
Significant progress has been achieved in completing these Priority Tasks and current trials will show up all areas in need of additional work.

Becoming  a member of Our Community is easy ....  please visit the following Link -  HERE - and            fill in the  simple Sign-Up Page.

We will contact you on receipt of your Expression of Interest and connect you to your own Web Portal. Before joining us, you can become more familiar with Web2Care Project details by visiting the other pages on this website and /or by referring to the Overview below.

The Web2Care Project at a Glance

By preparing separate workspaces for each of the four principle Stakeholders in the Care Delivery Process, we are extending an invitation to all to participate in this exciting Technology Development Opportunity.

Depending on the level of support this project receives we can have a complete Management Support System in placld lee in a matter of months not years. Such a System will represent an absolute quantum leap on anything observed in Care Delivery today and wll lead to significant
in improving  the Quality of

 Please  visit our  Community Demonstration Portal (User Name: demo; Password: demodemo)

At this Portal you will find a full set of  Applications/Tools such as a Wordprocessor, a Spreadsheet, as well as Presentation- Calendar- and powerful eMail Tool. There are also Links to other valuable gadgets and services.  Should you join our Community,  your own Portal will be available to you at no cost and
you will never have to buy and install any software again!