The Web2Care Project was launched in May 2007 by a group of people involved in promoting Self Direction as a viable option for individuals with Complex Care Needs. Our group recognized that latest Internet Technology presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to improve the currently flawed Care Delivery Process. With focus on a list of Priority Tasks we are in the process of completing CareHub, - (Alternative Design Site) a comprehensive internet based Care Management Support System. We are also constantly improving a comprehensive range of support ideas contained in the The Web2Care Toolbox

Our group of Project Participants has determined the following list of Priority Tasks:

Provide User Friendly access to all Computing Needs via Intranet Portals or
    • Improve Invoicing, Payroll- and Roster Administration as well as the process of matching Support Workers to Care Recipients
    • Develop and promote a "One Point Care Co-ordination / Lead Care Provider" Concept 
    • Develop and promote a "Cost Plus" Charge Model as the only fair and fully transparent approach in Complex Care Program Management, draft a "Fair Service Standard" and complete a "Service Expectations Summary".

Provide Added Value Services such as

    • on-line Rosters & Financial Reports (e.g. Actual against Budget Care Program performance comparisons), and Charge Rate comparisons as well as Support Worker References & Experience Profiles
    • an Information Blog including access to useful disability services and Polls on Care Provider service performance,
With these Tasks in various stages of completion, we have evidence that efficiencies to the Care Delivery Process can be achieved at minimum cost.

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The above graphic provides links to the different modules of the Web2Care Project and  provides an overview of all efforts currently supporting the development. While much remains to be done, a clear picture of what can be achieved is now available to all of us.
Who We Are

The Development Team is made up of Care Recipients and Family Members of Persons with Disabilities. In 2006  we were invited by the Department of Human Services (DHS) to join the Direct Payments Project and participate in trialling a new concept of Care Delivery in Victoria. 

As a group we learned that each of us was experiencing great difficulties with the current Care Delivery System. We compared notes, came up with a list of common needs and wrote a letter detailing our concerns to the Victorian branch of NDS (National Disability Services), the Peak Body of Australian Care Providers. We did not receive an answer for 12 months.  When, after continuous follow up, the answer finally came but did not propose a solutions to our problems we decided in May 2007 to create our own Internet Site and engage in the development of Peer Support Concepts. 

This decision marks the birth of the Web2Care Project and many hours have been invested to prepare the ground for more effective Technology Support for Care Recipients as we recognize the opportunity that latest Internet Technology presents to us. In June 2009 a grant from DHS provided us with the means to develop a Working Prototype of a Set of Tools needed to manage Self Directed Care Programs with ease.

Being involved in this project, we are witnessing a "Revolution in Internet Technology Development" as so called Web2 Solutions (Refer also Web History) are being released at an ever increasing rate. This situation presents us with an unique opportunity to develop future oriented Technology Support to our  Community Members at absolute minimum cost.


The Web2Care Project was presented to the joint meeting of the Service Reorientation Consumer Advisory Group & NDS at DHS Head Office.

The Web2Care Project will be presented to the National Disability Conference (NDS), the Head Organization of Care Providers, on 1&2 March 2010 and the Consumer-Centred Health Care Conference on 22/23 March 2010 both in Melbourne.

The trials of the Admin2Care Tool have commenced with six people involved, all testing the performance of this entirely new service approach.

01.07. 2011

Additional Funding for this project has been received

Please Note:

This website will remain under development for quite some time and as contributions are made on a voluntary basis the main focus is on "relevant content" rather than on "looks". The expectation is that voluntary proof reading of the contributions to date and the interactive nature of the entire development effort will lead to a very attractive final product.

Applications used to create the different sites are either FREE or of absolute minimum cost and Open Source software is used where ever possible. The core development is based on the recent Google Technology Offer now becoming known as Google Apps. With growing project support, the contributions from people with very challenging disabilities can only be described as truly amazing.

As more people representing any of the four stakeholders become involved in the project, the future benefits to the disabled community will be significant and advantages to all participants can be expected.