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A New Page in Caring for the Disability Challenged Community in Victoria was opened in 1996 when the Department of Human Services (DHS) invited community members to trial a new care delivery concept. This approach encourages direct involvement and greater control of  Care Recipients in their own care programs.  Under the heading "The Direct Payment Project", ten Care Recipients receiving DHS support were invited as Consultants to help develop and trial this new approach and in 1999 a "Direct Employment Project" option was added to complete the range of choices available to Care Recipients.

In project discussions it was determined that a strong web presence, creating an internet based community is seen as a significant benefit to current and future Care Recipients. The following links lead to the Objectives, Idea and Core Elements of the proposed  "members only", web based Communication Platform. When visiting some of the links below you will be prompted to enter

User Name: demo and ..... Password: demodemo  to access further information.

If you are already a member of the Web2Care Intranet, you can use your assigned User Name and Password to access ALL information.

  • "Care Central" .... this site connects to Added Value Services and to a Data Base which will help to improve the process of matching Support Workers to Care Recipients. This will become the Technology & Communication Hub for all stake holders.
  • "Community Portal" ...from here a complete range of user friendly, web based applications eg. a Wordprocessor, Spreadsheets, Presentation Tools, an eMail Client, Calendar and many other useful gadgets can be accessed via broadband internet. 
  • "Team Website" ... from here the entire project development process can be planned and managed. The focus is on "many people committing to small contributions" thus, over time creating an extremely benefitial  result.
  • "Web2Care Presentations", when completed from current drafts, will explain the Why and the How of our activities and will provide information on the subject of  Self Direction & The Web. All three "communication tools" aim to support current  Community Members to efficiently Peer Support future Community Members. They are designed to also assist in talks with outside interested parties and will help us to communicate in a consistent manner on all core issues of our project.

When the above content elements are completed, they will support and empower community members during the period of the trial and beyond. The Direct Payment Option has now been extended to a further ninety  DHS funded Care Recipients and some of the ten initial project members, supported by new program participants,  will pilot a Direct Employment Approach.

Similar service delivery programs are currently in operation in Western Australia and the United Kingdom and are producing improved outcomes.

Making ALL of our opinions count is vital to the success of the Web2Care Project. Please visit the two Links below, let your opinion be known and make suggestions on how to further improve the fact finding process.

State of Care Delivery Process - Your opinion counts

Alternative Fact Finding approach - Please add questions

It is obvious that current care delivery, particularly to high needs clients, is inadequate and all efforts of the consultants group are focused on finding ways to improve the current system. 

One other vital element  is to work with latest Communication Tools such as Web Conferencing. This wonderful technology comes now at virtually zero cost but it takes an effort on our part to become familiar with it. Please make time available to learn to work with this extremely important "piece of new technology"

Meet Us Here

All you need is a broadband connection and a reasonable headphone (a $8 to $16 item .... don't pay too much more!) and you are ready to experience a most powerful communication tool, that, when we are all really comfortable with it has the potential to make a huge difference in creating a Stronger Voice. The "big boys" are using this technology for a long time and now it is available to all of us!

The next scheduled web meeting will be advertised in our  Monthly Newsletter and if you are interested in a personal training session, please contact us. 

Another exciting collaboration and communication tool - "Google Wave"- is to be released at the end of 2009. For a preview click Here.

Last but not least, please enjoy free access to our growing membership Forum,  join our regular discussions on current topics and stay informed on all community activities.

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